White evangelicalism and Dissent


The great Emma Green had an important article last week about the dangers of speaking out against Trump in many evangelical circles. Some people have lost their jobs, while others stay silent for fear of the backlash:

Take the story of Meghan Liddy, a 23-year-old missionary living in Ghana. During the campaign, she was an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on social media. She got angry messages from people at the nondenominational church outside of Chicago where she grew up, she said, and was once targeted by a 48-hour wave of trolling by Christian groups for posting about her beliefs. When she wrote Black Lives Matter, she got an email from one of her biggest supporters threatening to pull her funding. They had been giving $300 a month, she said, which helps cover her living expenses in Ghana.

“I remember calling someone and asking, ‘What do I do?,’” Liddy said. She’s currently in the process of adopting two Ghanaian girls, and she worries about the organization she founded and runs, Family First, which offers assistance to families with special needs. “I was at this crossroads: Do I publicly let people take my funding and deal with it, and believe that God will continue to provide for me?” Liddy told me. “Or do I bend my beliefs in order to get funding?”

She ended up telling her supporter that she would keep writing about Black Lives Matter—and was immediately asked to return the most recent check she’d received, she said. Other churches have pulled their funds as well: $50 here, $100 there, Liddy said. “I’ve never gone without. There have been months where things are very tight—where at the end of the month, there’s about $1 in my account,” she said. “But we’ve never had an emergency situation where we weren’t provided for.” If she ran out of money, she said, she would “pray pretty hard.”

Read the whole thing. It shouldn’t need to be said that this reflects an environment in which nationalism and political conservatism are held as sacred. The apostasy proceeds apace.

One thought on “White evangelicalism and Dissent

  1. It’s sad that these people who were so thrilled to donate feel they are justified in pulling back from their commitment. Perhaps there’s a bible verse they think that says it’s a requirement for your ministries to agree with you in order for your offering to be acceptable to God, who knows? It’s things like this that make so many Christians compromise – if you see that people who don’t agree with the denomination lose everything, then you might more seriously consider doing what it takes to keep the denomination happy even at the expense of your own beliefs. It reminds me of the time that Worldvision’s comments caused many of it’s people to stop donating to the kids they help. Because nothing says “I’m standing on my principles” like depriving kids because you don’t agree with what the ministry / charity has said about unrelated matters.

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