Now Is A Good Time to Call Your Represenative

lol gop
Ideological extremism is so fun! We don’t have to worry about the fate of individual humans at all! Ha ha!

Republicans are again trying to strip insurance from tens of millions of people, and this time they might get the votes they need to pass the bill in the House. If you have a Republican representative, it’s a good time to call.

One Republican Congressman effectively summed up the stakes:

Representative Tom Rooney, Republican of Florida, said he was “leaning yes” on the repeal bill, but agonizing over how to explain his vote to constituents.

“I have a lot of people who call my office on a daily basis who are extremely angry,” he said. “It’s not just because I’m a Republican, but because they are sincerely scared.”

Many people with pre-existing conditions fear that they may lose coverage and “are going to die because of a vote we might be taking,” Mr. Rooney said.

Their fears are entirely justified. It’s why everyone from the AARP to the American Medical Association opposes the bill.

Health care is complicated. Obamacare is flawed. Improving the health care system is hard. But knowing where to stand on the Republican replacement bill is not difficult. If the bill became law, wealthy and healthy people would be better off, while poor and sick people would be worse off.

These facts alone make it impossible for Christians to support the bill. Christians are not willing to sacrifice the lives of human beings in pursuit of a utopian vision of the ideal society. The House Freedom Caucus apparently is willing to do so. Christians do not support this kind of cruelty under any circumstances. Call your Republican member of Congress!

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