White Evangelicals Are Not Holding Their Noses


The latest Foxnews poll is a thing of beauty. After finding that 74% of white evangelicals approve of Trump (no surprise there) the poll asked a follow-up question: “why do you approve of the job he is doing?” Look at this:

fox poll 6.7.18

Most said they approve because of the normal reasons people like any president: the economy is growing, he’s doing a good job, he’s keeping his promises. (That is laugh out loud funny by the way). The pro-life position we’ve heard so much about was cited by 2% of white evangelicals as their reason for approving of his job performance. The margin of error in the poll is bigger than that! Most white evangelicals are not supporting this presidency out of deep pro-life conviction. They like what he is doing in general.

I have an honest and morally serious disagreement with those lonely 2%. Everyone else is just being absurd.

A funny note: the poll also asked people why they disapprove of Trump’s job performance, but the sample size of white evangelicals who disapprove was too small to produce a statistically meaningful result.

Some other white evangelical highlights from the poll:

71% approve of Trump’s handling of immigration. Yeah, zero-tolerance, break up those families, yeah! Sucks to be them! Ha! Get ’em! Losers!

60% have a strongly unfavorable view of Obamacare. Health care is for snowflakes who don’t know how to rely on God.

57% think Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election. Remember, Jesus is truth but all other truths are relative.

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